How To Make More Money As a Nurse

How To Make More Money As a Nurse

A nurse holding a patient’s hand at the bedside is the epitome of healthcare. Their presence exudes strength, compassion, and sacrifice. Here at Lume, we acknowledge nurses’ worth by providing a bank that’s specifically suited for their needs. 

We recognize the challenges and risks nurses face every day while working to better others. That is why we offer a banking experience unlike any other. With our experienced techs and on-staff RNs, we help ease your burden and support your financial goals.  A Lume bank account allows you to pay bills faster, get out of debt easier, and gain more control of your finances.  

Despite being highly valuable, we understand that many nurses do not feel they are getting paid their worth. Whether they are struggling to make ends meet, dealing with excess bills, or needing to put money aside for a much-deserved vacation, nurses are searching for a way to supplement their income and Lume is here to help.

How to Make More Money as a Nurse

A quick online search can reveal endless opportunities to make a buck—from getting a second job to starting your own business. Here are some ways you can make extra money as a nurse with little time and effort.

Work Extra 

It may not be the most thrilling idea, but working is what nurses do and shifts rarely stop—especially at 24-hour facilities such as hospitals. Consider grabbing a few hours of overtime or taking an extra shift. In addition to a good-looking paycheck, you will improve patient outcomes along the way. 

Start a Side Gig

What better way to make more money as a nurse than working whenever you want to? Maintaining a per diem job on the side can be an easy way to bring home additional income to pay a bill or set aside for a rainy day. Some options outside of traditional bedside nursing include:

  • Home health
  • Private nursing service
  • Call center
  • Community immunization nurse
  • Meal delivery
  • CPR instructor
  • Nursing student tutor
  • Healthcare writer/blogger
  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Transcriptionist

Change Jobs

If you can’t make ends meet, your job might need a makeover. Nurses are in high demand and positions are everywhere. Finding a job that pays more might be an easy task, but keep in mind that the transition is always stressful. Therefore, crunch some numbers. If the new job’s wage outweighs the stress of change, then it may be the right path to take.

Ask for a Raise

Nurses are well-educated multitaskers who spend their energy caring for others efficiently and we believe their pay should reflect the value of the work provided. If your paycheck falls short of your needs, it might be time to ask for a raise.

Adjust Withholdings

What if you are putting in your hours and working extra when you can, yet still barely scraping by? If you live paycheck to paycheck, you may want to take a look at your tax withholding. 

Getting a high tax return is a sign that you are withholding too much. This means you have been paying more than you owe all year long. explains, “instead of keeping your money in a savings or investment account where it could earn interest all year, you essentially gave an interest-free loan to the government.” The article suggests matching your withholding to your tax liability. You will receive more money each paycheck, increase your “automatic savings contributions,” and contribute more in financial investments. Talk to your HR department about what is best for you.

The Best Place to Bank - Lume

Say hello to Lume, the “nurse bank.” We are a dedicated team of technology engineers, designers, and RNs who create tools that bring more transparency into your financial options and job opportunities. 

Our on-demand pay feature gives you access to your funds the same day you earned them at work. Once you clock out, you can send that day’s pay directly to your Lume bank account and use it immediately. This benefit speeds up bill-paying and saves you from late payment fees. Essentially, you are in control of your money.

Lume members gain exclusive access to our Salary and Review Database. This database contains reviews from real nurses sharing salary information, employer ratings, job satisfaction, and more. Members can compare wages to determine equitable pay and get inside knowledge on employment options. 

Worthiness has a price tag in many professions, so why not for our nurses? You are valuable and can start earning your worth by joining Lume. Sign up for our free waitlist today at

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